A lovely, lovely snowy day.  Even though we live in New England, because we are on the coast, we really don’t get a lot of snow.  Therefore, on a day like today, the girls and I stop everything to breathe it all in.  Really breathe.  This is what it is all about to me – stopping to capture a moment, linking emotion to the moment, and living.  We live our lives at such a fast pace that it is unusual to put the pressures on pause so that we can feel, laugh, and to turn a regular day into a magical experience.  On this day, the girls and I decide to leave our cozy home and venture out to see how our landscape has changed with a white coating.

My amazing family is in the heart of change.  My eldest child, as a senior in high school, is in the process of shopping for and dreaming about colleges.  The time for creating memories with her living under my roof is drawing to a close.  Therefore, I am determined to create opportunities to communicate my love, my acceptance, my faith, my playfulness, and my counsel.

 I look back over the process of young mommy child rearing, what I lacked more than most things was the perspective to slow down and capture moments.  Well, that and maybe patience, sleep, creativity…



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  1. LOVE the picture of Ali looking at Madison. So beautiful!

    All your talk of Madison going off to college is starting to freak me out…Jon is just around the corner! Yikes!

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