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Chocolate Malts

I am the world’s best chocolate malt maker – at least that is what my family tells me to get me to make them for them.  There is no comparison between a home made malt and those made at home.  The trick, in case you wanted to know, is adding plenty of chocolate syrup and malt.  Don’t be stingy!

The reason this comes up today is because, while it may seem quite counter-intuitive on a snow day, making chocolate malts was the perfect activity to love on my family.  We don’t do it very often, but when all of the necessary ingredients converge in my kitchen at the same time, there is no way around creating them.   My youngest and I spent several minutes in the kitchen perfecting the right combination of milk, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and malt.  The results were stellar.

Also, I tried sushi for the first time this evening (I got a sushi making kit from my youngest for Christmas), and it was a colossal flop.  That doesn’t mean that I’m giving up…it just means that I am not born with the technique necessary to make well-rolled sushi.   My patient family let me practice, get frustrated, practice some more, go back to the sushi DVD that came with the kit, try again, and finally produce something that was at least edible.  The only problem was that, by the time I was able to get something edible on the beautiful sushi serving trays (also provided in the kit…), I was out of ingredients.  It wasn’t nearly enough to feed my family of six.  I am only aware that I ended up eating a peanut butter sandwich, and I’m not sure what they all filled their stomachs with.  I couldn’t bear to ask.

That brings us back to my original statement.  I am the world’s best chocolate malt maker.  It makes up for being a failure at sushi…



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