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Archiving Memories

For whatever reason, I haven’t been able to bring with me to adulthood many of my childhood memories.  When I try to walk down memory lane, I often get lost.  I’m that person at the family or high school reunions with a blank look on their face for most of the “…remember that time…” conversation.  I’m not exactly sure why this is, but I really feel like I’m missing out on carrying to my future the benefits of my past.

Thankfully, my mom has an amazing, amazing memory.  She keeps my past alive with her anecdotes of the events of my life.  She has told my kids more of my past than I ever will be able to.  One of my kids’ favorite times is when my mom sits with the kids in the car while I run into a store.  While she stays with them, she tells them story after story.  I come back into the car to hear the words, “…and the beautiful princess realized she had made a terrible mistake…”, or “…and the lovely queen ran off with the handsome prince from Texas…” or some other such story coated in royalty, but telling real stories from my past.

Another thing my mom has done is scrapbook the years of her marriage and my childhood.  She was scrapbooking before the craft was trendy and cool, and way before acid-free products were available.  I have a legacy of shelves of scrapbooks from every era of my life, complete with newspaper clippings, school assignments, and tons of pictures.  They might not be artfully arranged with all of the latest and cutest paper, and they don’t follow the rules of having a title and journalling on each page, but they capture the best of our family and the history of the day.  It is priceless to me, and there are few things for which I am more grateful in my life.

Therefore, it makes sense that I carry on that tradition by scrapbooking for my family.  For me, it obviously is a way to capture the memories of our family, but it also is an artistic outlet.  I have kept albums since my college days, and more recently, I have been keeping chronological albums for each year.  I tend to scrapbook in fits, because I don’t have a permanent space to work, and my efforts tend to generate quite a mess; therefore, I take chunks of time to arrange a few pages at a time.  I am about 9 months behind, but I figure that as long as I’m not more than a year behind, I’m doing well.

My prayer is that my kids appreciate my scrapbooks some day as much I appreciate my mom’s – I sure am having fun creating them!


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