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Serene Saturdays #2

This Saturday, I am writing from my husband’s business, which is a co-working facility.  It is completely empty, and I am alone!  After a long, busy week, filled with kids, noise, a birthday celebration, more kids and more busyness, it is lovely to take a few moments to be alone and write.  Sitting here with soft music surrounding me, wi-fi readily available, and a comfortable chair, it is a source of replenishment.  I am wired to need alone time way more often than our lifestyle allows.  This is nourishment to me.

I hope that you’re finding a place of replenishment somewhere today.  Somewhere that is a safe place to awaken dormant parts of yourself, parts that the busyness, or the isolation, of a busy week lulled to sleep.  Enjoy your reawakening, and fill it with gratitude.  Today I am:

Grateful for moments of quiet.

Grateful for places of safety.

Grateful for surprise monetary gifts.

Grateful for a day I can sleep in.

Grateful that this week we got to celebrate another year of life with my husband.

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