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Serene Saturdays #3

Just like everyone in the northeast, my week could be summarized by the word “snow”.  It was as if someone in the sky popped a giant snow-filled balloon and the heavens exploded with snow.  It shut this snow-prepared area completely down.  We are still having to negotiate with our neighbors across the street, who have no driveway or garage, to please not park in the street directly across from our driveway, or we are stuck.  So much snow around our drive that there is nothing else to do but go straight back.


And once again, if I was attempting to summarize this week, I could throw in the word “birthday”.  Our youngest turned 12, and she planned and devised her own glow-in-the-dark birthday party.  We are still cleaning up the house.  I decided the best way to clean up was to wait until it got dark again, and then turn off all of the lights.  The mess would simply glow.  There is glow-in-the-dark paint on just about every surface imaginable.  One of the sweet girls was painting a balloon quite thoroughly when it exploded all over her, her clothes, her hair, the chair she was on, the kitchen floor, the school room floor, the bookshelves, etc. 


This week, I am thankful for:

Beautiful little girls that grow into lovely young ladies.

Strong boys in my family that have a willingness to serve/shovel.

Girls’ gleeful screams echoing through the house.

Big brothers who lovingly decorate.



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