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Serene Saturdays #4

Another Saturday (whew!) and I am at my husband’s business.  Another peaceful moment for me to catch my breath and reflect. 

This has been another snowy week, and I feel my patience decreasing with an ever-diminishing driveway, worrying about falling on the ice, major streets reduced to one lane roads, and having to navigate those one lane roads with drivers in the northeast. 

In it all and the inconveniences it causes, I am finding many, many reasons to be grateful.  This week I am thankful for:

The magical scenes created by the sun reflecting off of ice on trees.

A good health report.  (Lots of doctor/dentist visits this week.)

Getting to read aloud to my kids on a snowy day.

Worship music on CDs in the car.

The smile on my daughter’s face when her late birthday present arrived in the mail.

One extra little bit of business…since starting this blog, I have written every day (except Sundays).  During that time, I have received counsel from two experienced bloggers that I should reduce the amount of posts that I am creating, because most people only have time to read blog posts about twice a week.  This next week, in honor of Valentine’s Day’s approach, I am posting a daily series on romance.  After that, I’ll reduce my posts to twice a week and Saturdays.   Thanks for following me!!!  Have a serene Saturday!


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