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Serene Saturdays #5

After so many days of the inconvenience of piles and piles of snow covered in ice, I am so encouraged by a little bit of melting this week, and the prospect of way-above freezing temps this coming week.  I think my sweet family gets a little impatient with my extreme caution on slippery surfaces.  I am sure that I am too cautious, but navigating getting into my van with my driveway still lined with so much snow/ice that you can’t get the doors fully open, let alone trying to reach the doors on the hurdles of ice, it seems like heaven to imagine a week full of melting. 

Besides a rousing Super Bowl party to begin this week off, we also experienced a Court of Honor for my boys in Boy Scouts.  My oldest put in the hours of work it requires to get the level of Life.  From this point on, every merit badge and project is directed toward getting Eagle Scout, the highest rank.  My younger son got 4 merit badges and is really close to getting Life.  Taking the time to honor and give awards facilitates moments of reflection on how time is passing, and on who these young men are.  I am so proud of my boys – they are thoughtful, respectful and godly young men.

We also began making Valentine’s Day cards.  And while they wanted handmade original cards again, this year, they designed and made them themselves.  I just sat back and watched. 


This week I am thankful for:

Super Bowl celebrations with great friends.

Melting snow.


Valentine preparations filled with excitement and love for others.

Quiet mornings filled with the noise of reflection, gratitude, and anticipation.

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