Serene Saturdays #7

Today I am at home writing.  My family is out of the house.  The two older kids went on a spiritual retreat for the weekend, my younger son is at a Boy Scout merit badge activity, and my husband and littlest are out for breakfast together.  They are all beautifully occupied, and I am beautifully quiet.  It is rare the that house is mine.  I am resisting the temptation to clean or to finish up our taxes, but instead, doing what I know will get me ready to face head-on another week.

Earlier this week we went on a big trip.  It was only to Philadelphia (about 3 1/2 hours), but it was a big trip for us because we, as a family, visited the college my eldest will probably attend.  She has been accepted already, but needed to audition for their dance program.  While she was only intending to have dance be a minor, after the audition, the faculty asked if she would consider making dance a major for her – with the offer of scholarship money.  The trip went great, answered a lot of questions, and brought us one step closer to helping her find her fit in this educational world. 

As I reflect back over another week, I am so grateful.   I am thankful for…
Yet another doctor’s visit revealing nothing serious.
A child who survived the stomach flu with patience and strength. 

Five other family members who did NOT go through the stomach flu.

A great little family vacation to the Philadelphia area. 

Incredible favor over a dance audition.   

Life is not perfect, but we sure are blessed.   I’m hoping that you find a little solitary time, many moments of gratitude, and the activities that you need to be replenished for the week to come.

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