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Serene Saturdays #8

This is not Saturday, and it hasn’t been quite serene.  My family and I are sick.  The only exception is my husband, who has been stretched by having a whole family to serve and pamper.  We were struck with debilitating fevers, followed with typical cold symptoms. 

Put on top of this sickness, my dear friend and her 13 year old son came from Texas for a visit.  We drank in their sweet spirits and their kind hearts – at the same time trying to stay far enough away from them to protect their systems from our sickness.  (May I also add that my friend is 6 months pregnant with her 6th child.) 

Thankfully, I didn’t come down with the sickness until Saturday evening, so I was able to engage for most of the time.   And my youngest was strong long enough to get some spontaneous lessons in crocheting. 

Spending time with people who understand and care is so replenishing!  She and I don’t get to spend nearly enough time together!!!

This week I am thankful for…

Dear, dear friends who value time together so much that they’re willing to risk their personal health.

Finding a Spanish tutor for our kids that will teach them in exchange for a meal with our family.

Continual snow melting.

Sharing special memories from my childhood with my parents and sister…so special!


This week, I pray that you stay well, find victories, and are filled with joy.

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