Serene Saturdays #9

This picture has been a vision of the future this whole winter – a lovely day being spent outside reading on the grass.  This week, we had a glimpse that it will become reality before too long.  While the temps dropped again, we had a day that was in the 70s.  So refreshing and restoring.  So exciting to see the seasons roll around again to a period of life.

I needed that this week.  My husband was gone and I was still on some pretty strong medicine to combat bronchitis.  The meds wiped me out and made me quite melancholy.  Quite.  It feels good to be out from underneath their influence, to have my husband back in town to rely on his strength, and to have the sun shining so beautifully.  It all adds perspective.

This week I am thankful for:

Sunlight/the hope of Spring.

A son who is an amazing baker.

The gift of perspective.

Organic seeds that arrive in the mail ready to be planted.

A week of rest and healing.

I pray that your weekend is life-giving and restoring!

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