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Serene Saturdays #10

How do I thank you guys?  This week, because of a mini series that I published on discipline theories for your kids, I had a HUGE amount of people view my blog.  Actually, let me rephrase that…because you all reposted and passed on a mini series that I posted, I had a HUGE amount of people view my blog.  The number DOUBLED the amount of highest number of viewers I’ve had in the past.  What a satisfying feeling!  Thanks so much!

I spend time writing this blog for many reasons that have very little to do with being read; however, in the end, what I do is so much more fun and satisfying if it is actually read.  Thanks again for believing in what I am writing enough to share it with your friends!

Besides that, this week feels like it is bringing the winds of change.  We have been asking ourselves if how we are living and funding ourselves is sustainable, especially considering that our eldest has decided upon a college and we are exploring how to pay for that.  We are in a season of concentrated prayer, and once again, listening to the Lord for direction.  Nothing major to announce – I’ve just been living with the intensity that comes with big decisions. 

So much for which to be thankful!

 – A great, complete week of school…finally!

 – Spanish tutoring for my boys.

 – College scholarships.

 – Making a new friend (that’s you, Nancy!)

 – Encouraging words.

I pray that your weekend is hugely replenishing, and that you are able to leap into your next week with great energy!

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