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A Little More Spring

I must indulge myself a little more.  I can’t let this season pass by without documenting the elements of it that bring me such joy.  Traveling through this season brings a replenishment to me that very few things can.  The mundane tasks of the day are anticipated instead of dreaded because of the sites I’ll see along the way.  It changes everything.

Every day I am the transportation to and from school for a dear 1st grade girl – the daughter of our neighbors, and for whom we nanny their infant son.  Along the route to her school is an amazing Magnolia tree.  At every stage it has taken my breath away, so earlier this week, I left our house leaving time to take pictures of the tree.  I brought my youngest with me, and we snapped all kinds of photos to remind ourselves of its beauty long after the petals have fallen.

There are many things that announce the arrival of spring in our neighborhood. One of them is the noise of racing dirt bikes.  Another is the blasting of rap from the passing cars with their windows rolled down.

However, one of the more pleasant things that heralds the arrival of spring are beautiful forsythia plants.  They bloom a spectacular yellow flower much in advance of all else that blossoms, and that is enough to light the fire of anticipation of warmer temps.  The house next to the amazing Magnolia tree had a row of forsylthia.  I couldn’t resist…

And then, my most surprising gift from spring this year are my seedlings.  For the past 4 years, I have attempted to grow tomatoes and peppers from seed – and every year they germinate, sprout, and wilt.  And then I go to a green-thumbed neighbor who always starts from seed more plants than she’ll actually need, and get some from her.  Most of my success in my little garden has come from this generous neighbor.

However, this year, for some miraculous reason, my seedlings have taken off!  I planted heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and leeks.

They’re thriving!  I am going to transplant them later today (which, in all honesty, might turn into later tomorrow or later this weekend…) and see if I can get them to weather the transition.   With food prices what they are this year, I am really eager to see if we can eat even more out of our garden.  This is a good start!

One last view…the little tree in front of our house (Japanese Cherry I believe) is just about to fully bloom.  However, I caught some of the “anticipation” shots that I love.  I’ll leave you with these today.

Have a great day!

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