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Serene Saturdays #13

The year that we moved to New England, we walked into our new home on June 1st.  We missed the April/May splendor that is spring.  I spent the first year not having any idea what this region was capable of producing.  I was ignorant as to what most of the plants around me were, and I was unaware that we had a lilac bush in our backyard.

We had lilac bushes in our neighborhood in Texas.  Each spring I sniffed them out and spent hours in their presence.  I always joked with my family that I was going to take a sleeping bag and sleep under one as it was blooming.  The smell is as close to perfect to me as is possible.  Not the counterfeit lilac smell put in perfumes and candles – those are offensive.  But the real thing, a real lilac bush?  No one can beat that.

Maybe it is because the scent is available for such a short time each year.  Maybe it is because it comes in such a beautiful purple package.  Whatever the case, after the first petals of spring have started to drop off the other shrubs and trees, I still have the anticipation of getting to spend hours – that surely could be put to better use elsewhere – standing by my lilac bush and sniffing.

It is still a little early to be celebrating the lilacs, and I’m sure you’ll see more of them later this week, but they’re just about to bloom!

In the meantime, here is what I have been thankful for this week:

Obviously – blooming trees/flowers/shrubs.

My kids having a “kid meeting” and deciding to do a Bible study together.

Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea.

Being able to do school outside on the porch.

Transplanting my-very-own-from-seeds tomatoes and leeks.

I hope that this week finds you anticipating something yummy, even if it is only as big as a flowering shrub.

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