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Serene Saturdays #14

This weekend, my environment is filled with noise.  I normally sneak away Saturday mornings to my husband’s business to write, and this business is entirely vacated, quiet, and mine.  Mine to quietly think, write, sit on this chair, recline in this one to read, get up to get water by myself, play the music quietly or loudly, etc.

However, the business is expanding.  Early this week, my husband and his business partner signed the lease to occupy the adjacent facility and expand their space.  It is a scary and exciting move.

Also, a move that requires a huge amount of construction.  Sanding walls, tearing up carpet, laying new hardwood flooring, tearing out walls, repurposing the floor plan entirely.  While they started doing some of this work immediately, a lot was scheduled for my quiet, relaxed Saturday morning.

BUT, please don’t hear a complaint in my writing.  None of this centers around me, and if you were to ask, I really am thrilled that it is happening.  Way before the details of the lease were worked out, and when it looked like there was no way to sustain a greater space, I was cheering my husband on to sign the lease.  I believe this is a good thing, and that it is going to be wildly successful.  Maybe not financially successful, but successful in the measurement of people – the true success, anyway.  We’ll just have to see what happens with the finances…

This week I am thankful for:

…the mess and noise of growth.

…the purchase of beautiful flowers to decorate my front yard.

…days of absolutely perfect weather.

…a new computer recipe organizer.  Anything to help me be more efficient in the kitchen!

Here’s hoping that you can hear over the noise and see past the mess of growth in your life this week!

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