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Senior Pictures

This last week, my elder son and daughter and I spent some time taking some senior pictures of my daughter.  They weren’t professional, or even really creative, but we can’t afford to have them done as they should be done at this point in time.  And while we might get some professionally done later, I wanted to capture who she is during this season with a backdrop of some of the remaining spring flowers.

What was really funny is that my elder son brought his camera, too, and we fought for “the great shot”!  Even for all of my protesting that we didn’t need to get the same pose/backdrop on two different cameras, he is 6′ 2″, and he simply stood over me and snapped the same shot that I was taking, the whole time with a sweet and silly grin on his face.

We laughed and laughed the whole time.  We laughed at the blooper pictures.  We laughed at the backdrop blunders.  We laughed at the creative, silly poses that they chose.  It was such a memory spontaneously captured.  And we had a blast coming home and looking at all of the silliness that we created.

Here are some of the outtakes – the shots the captured the fun that we had.

And for a little disturbing one…

And lest you think we took absolutely no serious shots…

I’ll post more “serious” shots later.  I just thought I’d use this as a back drop to display some of our photo fun.  Hope you enjoyed jumping into our world for a moment.


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