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Serene Saturdays #15

What a crazy day this has been!  We have two different house guests (one is from England and the other is my daughter’s friend), and we invested a huge amount of time and sweat-energy in my husband’s business expansion.  My husband, the boys and I spent the entire morning and early afternoon painting and carrying away construction debris, while my girls spent the entire day at a dance rehearsal for an upcoming performance.  The evening is just settling on us, and we all have sore bodies.

One delight is, and has been, my growing garden.  This week, I transplanted my leeks, strawberries and zucchini plants.  My tomatoes and peppers are ready to be transplanted, but the weather isn’t cooperating for them to be outdoors just yet.

My sweet neighbor girl just asked me why I’m taking pictures of my plants.
“After all,” she said, “they’re just plants!

What she doesn’t realize and appreciate is the fact that  I’ve NEVER been able to grow plants from seed!  These have developed so beautifully, and because I was able to begin with seed, I was able to pick out just the right kind of variety to experiment with.  I can’t WAIT to see what these produce for our family!

And then, of course, there are the lilacs.  They are in full bloom and are sharing their amazing scent with our backyard.  I  find myself out there often just sniffing – knowing that their life is short-lived and will soon be in the past.

This week I am thankful for:

– The smell of freshly cut grass.

– Walls newly coated with paint.

– The potential in healthy vegetable plants.

– Being able to completely rely on our new business accountant, and knowing that she overwhelmingly has our back.  (And she is volunteering her time for our business!)

– Lilacs, lilacs, lilacs, lilacs…

Have a great weekend!


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