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Serene Saturdays #16

This morning was my favorite non-holiday day of the year:  the Common Ground Seedling Sale!  For those of you out-of-towners, Common Ground is a local high school that specializes in all things rural.  Besides animals/weather/outdoor activity training that they do, they grow heirloom/hybrid plants from seed.  Once a year they open their acreage to sell them to the public.  It is always my fall-back plan after planting my own heirloom seeds (that haven’t ever taken off).  I plan what produce I would like, and then go there to stock my garden.

This year, for whatever miracle befell my plants, I went to the sale needing much less.  I have more than enough tomato, leek and pepper plants that I have grown from seed; however, I was able to purchase several cherry tomato plants, a few cucumber plants, cilantro and mint plants, and a couple specialty tomato plants.  I can’t wait to get them in their containers and see what reaping we will do in the summer!

I think the reason I love this process so much is the potential is brings.  Potential for variety of foods.  Potential for fresh vegetables.  Potential for saving a lot of money from our food budget in a few months.  Potential for watching things grow and change.

This week I am thankful for:

*  A new computer (a Mac) that amazing friends of mine from college bought me.  Thanks so much, guys!

* My son’s 16th birthday.  I love, love being his mom.

* Getting to celebrate this week that my husband and I have remained in love for 22 years.

*  Getting together with a dear friend to process our eldest daughters going off to college in the fall.

* New seedling plants waiting to bring life to our family.

I pray that your weekend fills you with anticipation for your coming week, and that you can see the potential in what is around the bend.

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