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Serene Saturdays #17

This last weekend was my girls’ spring dance performance.  They both did such a lovely job.

For my eldest, it was her last performance to be danced with her studio.  I recognize that I’ll see her dance again (she’s going to be a dance major in college), but not as a little girl living in my home dancing in my city.

While the performance was amazing, it was hard not to sit through the whole thing crying.  It was such an emotional moment for me, considering that I’ve spent the greater part of my life as a parent investing in her dancing – endless drives to and from classes, countless pairs of ballet shoes and pointe shoes, so many drives to and from rehearsals, many leotards and tights purchased, never-ending transports to dress rehearsals, and always anticipated performances.  Not to mention a culture of dance that she created in our home, both by dancing everywhere she goes and by introducing dance videos and dance shows to all of us.

It is only with great effort that I’m able to partition off the emotional places in my heart to be able to emote with her on her level, shut it off when I need to be strong, and at other times give in to the honesty of what I’m feeling.

Gratitude has been the backbone of this process.  I am a stronger and more honest person when I begin from a place of gratitude.  Therefore, this week I am thankful for:

*  Being able to attend an amazing dance performance.

*  My husband being able to attend a much-needed retreat.

*  Having a backyard full of containers of vegetable plants.

*  Getting to go to a Chicago concert!!!


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