Garden Update

If you called it obsession, you’d probably be right.  If you called it compulsion, you’d also probably be right.  It actually is a little embarrassing because of its excessiveness.

I think it is a little like buying a puppy because its so cute and has such potential, but then being overwhelmed when it starts growing.  Or for me, personally, it is like registering for classes in college – each class looks so exciting that you end up with a class load of 21 hours because you registered for all of them.

It is the product of being really excited about seeing little plants growing into veggie-producing factories.

There are 18 tomato plants (several are cherry tomatoes), 10 pepper plants (3 different varieties), 10 leek plants, 5 cucumber plants (one pictured above), 4 zucchini plants (already producing!), lots of herbs (cilantro, sage, basil, parsley, chives), a couple of strawberry plants (not producing anything yet, although they should be…), Bush beans, radishes, and carrots (pictured below).

If everything thing produces, we would have a bumper crop with plenty to make into salsa or spaghetti sauce, or to can for the future.

So here comes the obsession:  even having said that, I still have the expectation/fear that we won’t have enough.   For those of you who are psychotherapists, what is that phobia?

Regardless, it is nice to be surrounded with a healthy, green landscape.  A quiet retreat from the noise of the neighborhood.

If you have any recipes for garden meals, pass them on!



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2 responses to “Garden Update

  1. Your container garden looks great, Lori!

  2. Heather

    First of all the garden is BEAUTIFUL! Nothing wrong with a little obsession. Obsession just keeps us commited to the work necessary to create something wonderful. However, my obsession with decorating my home can get a bit out of hand. I sold some furniture pieces and felt so vulnerable afterwards I needed my husband to remind me (from England) that we will not do without and that I will find other lovely things to create with again. Keep producing your lovely obsession. It is inspiriing!

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