Friends Moving

The question of the day is:  how much can one heart take?

For three years, a small, loving community met weekly in our home.  It consisted of two singles ladies and 3 families, plus my family of 6.  It was a safe place to be vulnerable, introspective, to celebrate, and to explore spirituality.  It was a place where we knew, loved and supported each other’s kids and each other, and a place to pray for our neighborhood and city, doing acts of service for its benefit.

Over the last year, one of the single ladies moved away, and one of the families moved away.  Those were hard hits.  The schedule and rhythm of our community was shaken, and we quit meeting on a regular basis; however, we didn’t quit being friends and relying on each other to help meet physical and spiritual needs.

Then this last week, we found out that the 2 other families are moving out of state.  One got a job in Texas, the other is moving back home to where their family is in New Jersey.

One of my friends asked how I’m doing.  It is a legitimate question; however, it is a question that I haven’t let myself answer.  It is one of those things that, if I stop to really think about it, would have the possibility of undoing my world.  I’m not talking about my faith being shattered, but the sense of belonging to a particular area.  The sense of community, of being understood, of having support.

I can tell you how grateful I am to have had time with these people.  They were all such quality friends and true gifts from God.  I will continue to follow their journey as they move on to where God is designing them to flourish.

I can also tell you that there are still beautiful people in my city with whom I am friends.  The relationships haven’t occurred quite as naturally due to proximity within the city, or like-faith issues, but still loving, supportive relationships.  I desperately need these people in my life, and I will be pursuing them with more consistency.

We also all know how long it takes to feel known, understood and safe.  Those commodities are rare and traditionally a long time in coming.  My home is that kind of place for me, for which I am extremely grateful; however, I long for friends with whom I can equally be at home.  Without people with whom I can be fully known, I feel uncovered and/or vulnerable.

As we process out these dear people to their next destination, I ask that you pray for my family.  We will be seeking God to ask Him to help direct our steps, comfort our hearts, and create depth and trust with friends on a supernaturally fast pace.

Thanks for your encouragement and support!



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10 responses to “Friends Moving

  1. Hi there Lori! I am really feeling for you in this particular message regarding the issue of friendship and true heart-links. This post reminds of similar feeling I’ve had through the transition of our broader community over the years. I want you to know I’m committed to this process with you as we investigate what a new but old “tribe” can look like locally.
    My heart and prayers are with you.

  2. My own memory of loss makes it all to easy to understand and feel what your heart is processing. My prayers are yours.


  3. Heather

    Now that I am not crying, I can type…This move is bittersweet. Sweet in the opportunities it holds and ease of life it is likely to bring. Bitter in that we are not going to be five blocks away from you. I did not say it enough: I love you, I appreciate you and am a better woman, wife and mother because of our friendship. Do you think your kids can give me another Skpe tutorial? I think I am going to need it ASAP. I love you. H

  4. Ken

    Well said my sweet wife… too.

  5. Krista

    Well, you know me, if someone else is crying, then I cry too! I have thought about you and your family often in the last few weeks; in finding out that our dear Butlers and Neubs are moving. I will also be praying for speedy growth of community and friendships in your lives! Sending hugs… ~ K

  6. a.

    I feel I know what you’re feeling exactly! Yet here I am nearly five years later still feeling I’m floating around… haven’t found the ground yet. Love to you!! xo

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