Celebrating My Son

Today was my younger son’s birthday.  It was pretty low-key, because we bought him his big birthday present (an android phone) when his old phone died a month ago.   It’s thrilled his heart for a month, but it is still hard to sell something that you got a month ago as a birthday present.  His sibling got him gifts, but his brother is out of town at a camp, so the brother’s energy and creativity were missing in the day of celebration.

Also, he is joining his dad on a trip to Honduras tomorrow morning, so much of our activity was spent getting them ready to be on a 6am flight.

My life drastically changed the day that this son was born.  My first two were placid and easy-going.  This little guy was born opinionated.  He cared how I held his head.  He cared if he was wet/dirty/cold.  And he made lots of noise.  I’ve said for 14 years that this son made me learn how to parent differently.  The style that I’d used for the older two was thrown out the window when he came along.

But let me tell you, the flexing and adjusting that I’ve had to do has been so worth it!  This son is unique, happy, deep, passionate and energetic.  He brings a freshness to our family and delights our hearts on a daily basis.

He is a collector – a collector of toys, ideas, potential careers, hobbies, inventions, knowledge.  If he has an idea, he tries it.  Many are the times that I hear banging from the basement because he is attempting to build something that he saw in his mind. He has created 3 entire languages, complete with pronunciation and grammatical rules.  He is in the process of writing a story that explains/uses one particular created language.

The thing about this boy is that you NEVER know what he’s going to do.  Ever.  He got an idea of a way to better our neighborhood, and before we knew it, he had a Facebook page and a website dedicated to sending out his weekly challenges.  He presently has over 70 followers in 4 different countries.

When he was little, it didn’t matter where we were going in the car, he was excited.  His little face beamed and his whole body rocked with excitement. He still does that.  He is always ready for an adventure, and actually needs fun things planned in his day to which he can look forward.

He also needs plenty of introspective down time.  He is a thinker, and uses time alone to contemplate big thoughts.  To observe his world.  To create new ones.

He also is a great communicator.  Words come easy to him, and he loves sharing what he’s recently researched or learned.  And he knows a lot, because he is an expert at googling answers to ANY question that he has.  There isn’t one day that goes by that he hasn’t wondered something, looked up the answer to his wondering, and then shared it with all of us.

Today, my husband’s business partner had a son.  He will share the same birthday with my son.  Imagining what this sweet couple is going through as they begin the journey with their son brings me back to the journey we began 14 years ago with ours.  I pray that their baby is as full of life, as creative, as loving and kind as ours.  If so, they will be blessed indeed – as we are.


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