A Year of Memories #2

Our neighbors pulled out yesterday morning.  I guess I could replace the word “neighbors” with “family,” and the end result is that my insides feel like they’ve been scraped raw.  I walked through their empty house and remembered and felt.

My favorite memories of our neighbors:

Loud, crazy birthday parties for their kids.
Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations with their families.
All of the many cookouts that we shared.
Working and attending events at our neighborhood park.
Seeing their little girls’ faces pop up over our fence and the many conversations with them that way.
Eating sushi with them for the first time.
Going to the citywide Christmas tree lighting ceremony.
Attending Spamalot with them.
A spontaneous evening of renting a movie with them.

There are just too many to list.   Some of my favorites are just the day to day conversations we had with them over the years.  Their friendship and fellowship will leave a big hole in our lives.

These next few scrapbook pages were put in the memory book that I made to capture the past year of our childcare for them.

The following close up is the story behind this page.

The heart “balloons” were cut out from antique (around 1915) magazines that were my grandmother’s.

The next page is doing art projects with both of their girls.  As I said on an earlier post, we rarely had their middle daughter at our house, because she went to day care right down the street from where her mom worked.  But on this day, we had the honor of spending a little extra time with her.

Little Aksel made us giggle this day when he fell asleep with his pacifier on his thumb.

I found making the pages throughout the year quite therapeutic, and if you’ll indulge me a little while longer, I am also finding writing about shared experiences and memories also therapeutic.   There are more pages to come and I’ll share more over the next few days.


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