This last week I took my kids to pick peaches.  Just for the record, I hate picking peaches.  It is so much work to find a ripe enough peach still on the tree, my family has an allergy to either the peach fuzz or a chemical that they spray on the peach trees (our skin turns red and we itch for hours), and I really don’t have recipes for peaches.

Picking blueberries, raspberries or apples – that I love!  Going raspberry picking was my birthday wish last year.  I have all kinds of recipes and canning options for those fruits.

However, when I loaded up my kids to pick blueberries/raspberries, I failed to call ahead to find out what fruits were open for picking on that day.  With the construction at my husband’s business and my broken ankle, we didn’t pick ANY fruit this season.  Our lives were occupied or limited by other circumstances.  So I was out of the rhythm of our local orchards.

All that was open was peaches.  Did I already say that I hate picking peaches?

But what cannot be fun with my amazing kids?  We had such a great time being outdoors, out of the city, laughing with each other, hunting for the rare ripe fruit, and trying desperately to avoid the rashy reaction that we get to peaches.

I left with a few good peaches, a ton of great pictures, a lot of special memories, and just a bit healthier for having been away from the city and in nature.  Now for the peaches – anyone have any great recipes?


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  1. Leslie

    Peaches can be frozen very easily. Let me know if you want the recipe.

    I’m also looking for an easy peach jam recipe.


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