Cruising I

My husband has many hats that he wears, and one of them is being a Voyage Director of Wonder Voyage.  Wonder Voyage is a nonprofit based in Dallas that leads people on pilgrimages.  As lifted from their website,

“Wonder Voyage is an extraordinary non-profit organization that creates personalized pilgrimages and mission trips; our voyages encourage an encounter with the heart of God through exploration and sacrificial service to distinctive communities around the globe. Through Wonder Voyage, each event becomes a journey and every participant a pilgrim.”

My husband has led trips for them for 10 years and has gone to some exotic places with some wonderful people.  This summer he went to New Orleans, Belize, Italy, Honduras, and Maine with people from 5 different churches across America.

At the end of each summer, the Executive Director, Shawn Small, takes his 6 Voyage Directors on a trip to process and debrief the summer’s adventures.  Every year that has meant one more week of adventure away from their families, but time well-spent wrapping up the details of the summer’s travels.

This year, however, the organization decided to take the Voyage Directors and their wives on a cruise to Bermuda.  It didn’t take long for us to figure out a way to make that happen.  A few details rearranged, a few calls to grandparents to request kid-care, and we had a vacation to look forward to.

Well, this is that time.  I am presently sitting in a cute hotel in Charleston, SC from where the cruise ship departs tomorrow morning.

We are meeting here this evening with the other directors and then boarding tomorrow for a 7 day cruise trip.   That is, of course, if hurricane Irene cooperates and stays away long enough for us to get off.  She is expected to mess with the east coast, specifically South Carolina, and we’re still waiting to get word if we can launch before she arrives.

Assuming that we can actually depart from South Carolina, I won’t be writing for a while.  Well, I’ll be writing, but just not posting.  However, you can count on me publishing tons of pics and stories when we return – probably way more than you’ll want to see and/or read about!

Until then, enjoy your week, and pray that the hurricane doesn’t mess with our waters!!



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