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Serene Saturdays #20

Happy Saturday!  We returned from our cruise on Wednesday into the port of Charleston, SC and drove home.  On the way, we passed through Philadephia, took a detour, and visited our daughter in college.  It was such a refreshing way to end our vacation.

Then we arrived home.  Our poor family had weathered an earthquake centered in Washington, D.C but felt all up the east coast, got my eldest off to college and dealt with the devastating loss felt by her siblings, weathered hurricane Irene, but was left with 6 days of no power.  They had endured freezing showers (my youngest said that after you went numb, it was no problem), the loss of all food in the fridge and freezer, no electronics, no way to cook, the loss of light at 6:30, no laundry capability, etc.  It was a miserable existence, brightened only by candles and poker.

Yep, that’s right, my parents taught my kids poker via candlelight every evening.  They are experts, impressing me not only with their knowledge, but the lingo.  They now talk like real poker players, with an occasional, “You could get shot for that,” thrown in there.

On the evening that we arrived home, the power was still out.  We got a small taste of what they’d been going through.  The next day at noon, power was restored.  There was not only screaming and cheers from my home, but from 4 other neighbors that happened to be home.  It was quite a joyous scene.

My parents began their long drive home today, with a short stop at my daughter’s university to give her one last hug.  Things started to get back to normal – although a normal that will be hard to adjust to.  Anyway, we will be cleaning like crazy (everything from washing clothes, dishes, vacuuming, and cleaning out the soggy, stinky refrigerator and freezer), playing like crazy, and not taking anything for granted.  It is good to be on the grid again!

This week I am thankful for:

* Cruises.  I have a couple of posts that I wrote while on the ship that I’ll publish later this week.

* My parents.  Their sacrificial service is humbling.  I shouldn’t be surprised, because that is how I was raised, but they put up with circumstances that would undo other, less hearty people.

* Lovely weather.

* Skype.

* Restored power, and the creativity that the lack thereof gives you.

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