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Why I Love Cruising

This is the second article about my cruise.

This is my second cruise.  I say that with a sense of wonder and awe, because I never dreamed I’d EVER go on a cruise.  I don’t come from a cruising family.  I don’t even come from a vacationing family.  Just during this visit with my parents being at my home, my dad shared that he’s never been on a vacation.  Sure, as a kid we’d take trips to see my grandparents from wherever we were living at the time, but never a vacation to a destination that didn’t include a home of relatives.

Both of these cruises were paid for by Wonder Voyage, the company for whom my husband works.  Both were working vacations for the Board Members or the Voyage Directors – but for me, they were simply vacations.

Both have come at such a crucial time in our marriage and in my personal life.  I know that I would’ve continued on without these times away, but also recognize that they were an intimate gift from God to help.  To help me.  To remind me.  To heal me.   To reconnect me.

What I love about cruising:

Being served.  Completely, with a smile, endlessly.  There is a huge crew that is here to meet my every need.  Room service, bed turndown service, drinks delivered poolside, cleaning up after me, cute towel animals.

(Our dinner waiters performing a song for us.)

I receive love by acts of service.  If you want to show me love, serve me.  Maybe it is because I serve my little people so incessantly, but I think that, even before I had kids, I received love by acts of service.  I don’t need touch.  I don’t need love notes.  I don’t need lots of time spent in intense dialogue to feel loved.  I just need the simple acts of service.  On a cruise, that’s what happens.

No schedule.  No expectations.  Now of course, there are typical times that people eat (although most people just eat all day on a cruise), there are shows with showtimes, and there are certain hours the casinos and clubs are opened and closed; however, there are not people waiting to be disappointed if I decide not to attend.  What a refreshing feeling!  If I want to sleep in, I sleep.  If I want to walk the deck, I walk.  If I want to get super dressed up and eat at a fancy dining room, I eat with my cute black dress and high heels on.

The food.  I suppose that is what I heard most about a cruise before I actually cruised.  But for good reason.  The food is endless.  Constant.  Delicious.  My sweet husband is addicted to the constant offering of soft serve ice cream.  Before the ship even departed, he’d had a couple.  Besides the taste of the stuff, I think it is the ready access and the constant “of course you can” that becons him.

Nothing in life has this much excess attached to it.  In most real life scenarios, if you want extra, you pay for extra.  Here, if you ordered steak and loved it, but there is also an entree of lobster, you can order that as well.  They’ll, without judgement or complaint, clean up your well-eaten steak plate, and simply replace it with a lobster tail plate.  You want two desserts?  You got it.  You want that dessert, but with 3 scoops of ice cream instead of one?  You got it.  It never ends.

The destinations.  I have been able to see Grand Turk island, St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and now Cozumel, Mexico and Key West, Florida. (The following pics are from our rainy/overcast day in Cozumel.)

The relaxation.  Maybe I alluded to this in the other reasons I love cruises, but it is such a major part of the journey that I have to single it out.  There is a Zac Brown Band song, called Knee Deep, that has become our theme song for this trip.  There is one line that says,

“Blue sky breezes blowing wind through my hair,
The only worry in the world is the tide going to reach my chair.”

And while we haven’t seen much reason to sit in a beach chair worrying about the tide (it has been overcast most of the time), the sentiment is there.  There is no communication with the business of our world.  No pressure or worries.

– I don’t have to worry about communicating with the rude lady on the other end of the phone as I try to renegotiate the terms of our mortgage.

– I don’t have to have a grasp on my family’s schedule so that I can plan meals accordingly and, subsequently, purchase groceries.

– I don’t have to keep the kids’ activities in the front of my mind so that I make sure that we don’t miss some commitment.

Is that tide reaching my chair?  Hmmm…guess I’d better move a little.

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