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Bowling 101

We found a great source of entertainment this summer.  After the onslaught of daily construction subsided, and we had a huge amount of extra time on our hands, I enrolled the family in a bowling program with AMF.

AMF is a national bowling chain with several locations in our area.  They have had a program for the past several years of providing two free games of bowling per child (16 and younger) per day.  Every week day!  It is as simple as enrolling online and printing out weekly coupons to be scanned at the AMF center.  You still have to pay for shoes, but all of the games are covered.

In our constant search for cheap/free activities to do with our family, this one fit the bill nicely.  We have spent the past few weeks bowling.

And bowling.

My kids have each become good bowlers.  I am sure not an expert, but bowling was an activity that I did with my dad when I was younger.  It brings back great memories, and was fun to pass on the knowledge that I had with each of them.  My older son is a natural, while the other 3 each needed a little coaching.

In a world where high-tech beats out the simple, and bowling is a little passé, AMF initiated a program to create a new generation of bowlers.  Bring them in for free when they’re little, and they’ll play often when they’re older.

What is neat about this sport is that it is so social.  I’m not sure how other families participate, but with our family, there is a lot of cheering on, and an equal amount of heckling.  There is a fair share of competition, but mostly that is with our own personal scores and goals.  We also laugh and laugh and laugh.

In the summer dominated by doing construction at my husband’s business, forsaking the beaches for paint brushes, it was nice to find an inexpensive way to play.

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