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Serene Saturdays #21

I hope you all had as good a Saturday as I had.  You just can’t get better than driving with your family to spend the weekend with your college daughter – getting to spend the hours together and being able to be a family of 6 again.  Life is as it should be.

Add to this scenario that you get to spend the evenings visiting with one of the dear sets of friends that moved away recently.  We are staying in their home and enjoying their sweet gift of hospitality.  Their presence is refreshment to a deep place in our hearts, and it gives us a much-needed sense of normalcy and shared experiences.

This week, I have been thankful for:

* Much needed preparation for school being made.

* Spending oodles of quality time with my elder daughter.

* Quiet evenings watching football.

* Amazingly perfect cooler temperatures.

* The hospitality of heart friends.

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