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Back to School

We start school on Wednesday (tomorrow).  I recognize that we’re behind the public schools around the country, but I also wanted to take two weeks off to gather what crumbs of entertainment the tourists left after they returned to work and school.

The kids and I spent our summer inside my husband’s business doing construction work, and I felt that they needed a little extended playtime on beaches that weren’t crowded, and catching up on the relaxing that they didn’t get to do this summer.  One of the many perks of homeschooling; and while I haven’t taken advantage of this perk in the past, I am playing that card this year.


I have been prepping this year a little differently.  First of all, I have one fewer student to prep for (sigh…) so the time will be dispersed a little differently.

Second of all, I am planning with college in mind.  After walking through this last year with my eldest being bound for college, I’ve learned some academic lessons. While I believe that we’ve done a good job with home education, I also have seen that there is more that we could be doing – more that I could be doing to get the kids ready for college.

Therefore, this year I am introducing homework to the kids.  I am introducing the use of a syllabus to them.  I am giving them some self-paced materials for them to complete.  I am having them take notes on what they’re reading.  All skills that should help make their transition into college easier.

I am also using their input as to what subjects that they’d like to study.  One picked graphic arts.  One picked linguistics.  One picked spelling and handwriting.  I found high school curriculum to guide them (including iTunesU – a great resource) and will give them time to study these subjects.

I also will be leading them in developing their worldview.  In an effort to be intentional (see my post Passing It Down – 9/11 Reflections), I am having discussions about values that I have, in the past, assumed were being caught by my  kids.

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.”  – C.S. Lewis

In whatever way education flows through your life this school year, I hope that it fills your minds and your souls.

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