Serene Saturdays #22 – The 100th Article

This is my 100th post.  I sit and let that sink in a bit.  Writing is still a really emotional process for me.

I started this journey in January with the hope that I could capture a few thoughts, share some truths that I’ve learned, and record some memories for my kids.  I think I’ve done that.  What I’ve also been able to accomplish is planting the seed of confidence that I can write.

I really love most of my posts.  I’ve loved that I’ve been able to see life a little differently because I have attempted to capture the moments through writing.  I’ve loved having another reason to take pictures.  I’ve loved having an excuse to isolate for short periods of time and feed the introvert in me.  I’ve loved learning that, for the most part, the articles come really quickly, and that the process of writing feels natural and easy.

For the next 100 posts, I really hope that I can work on the design of the web page…I’m not really happy with how it looks.  I also hope that I can figure out a way to broaden my readership.  I’d love to feel that I’m connecting with more people.

Thanks for journeying with me this far.  It means the world to me.  Really.  You’ve been a safe group of people with whom I could practice finding my voice, practicing the art of writing, and communicating some personal thoughts.  Thanks for caring and reading.

This week I am thankful for:

* Our first week back at school being successful.  I didn’t think I could make it through a first-week without my eldest being with us, but I did.  Tear-free even.  Huge accomplishment.

* Being able to shop at Whole Foods and Barnes and Noble.  Those stores make my heart happy.

* A successful week of working out.  I’m thankful for sore muscles.

* Having successfully published 100 blog articles.  Amazing.

I pray that you reach some beautiful milestones this coming week.  Stretch yourself and see what you can do!

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One response to “Serene Saturdays #22 – The 100th Article

  1. Congratulations on your 100th article Lori!! What a joy it has been for us to journey a bit with you, and the deepened richness of life your perspective often has added to our journeys. We look forward to the next hundred!!

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