Sunday Mornings

One of my favorite TV shows is Sunday Morning, a slow-paced, positive news show that airs on CBS.  I suppose it is a kickback to my childhood days in Nebraska, because my parents watched it then (when it was hosted by Charles Kuralt), and we all still watch it now (with its host, Charles Osgood).  It is one of those shows that I chart my week by – even choosing which church service to attend so that our family can watch the last few minutes of the show before we leave.

The articles that it features are in depth, gentle, positive, and take their time developing.  Each segment can last 8 – 10 minutes, verses stories that run a little over a minute on average on local/national news.  It deals with a broad spectrum of eras and topics, covering actors/musicians from the 50s one week, and then covering an up and coming actor/musician the next week.  It highlights trends in culture, while honoring the lost art of the handwritten thank you note.

It highlights the fine arts, including art, dance, architecture, opera, etc.  It asks its guests nontraditional questions to create a sense of depth of knowledge that goes way past their celebrity image.

While this might sound a little schizophrenic, the Sunday Morning broadcast actually creates an atmosphere that appeals to multi-generations.  In our family, it creates a touchpoint from which we can discuss influences from the past, our memories, and their thoughts about the future.

One of my favorite things about the show is the very last segment.  In the final 60 seconds of the show, they highlight a moment of nature.  This moment is filled with video shot in various places, selecting a scene upon which to observe, with the focus being animals in nature, plants, streams and the animals that interact with them, etc.  The only audio is the natural sounds created on the scene.

Our family stops everything we’re doing, cranks the volume to its highest, sits, and breathes in scenes that we don’t get to experience during a normal day.

Maybe our fascination and commitment to this segment is an indication that we live in an urban, loud, sometimes angry setting, and that we need to get out into nature more often.  But I believe that it is also because it is a source of refreshing, and a reminder that there is more in the world than just what humans have touched.  Yes, we create some beautiful things.  But there is a Creator who created some spectacular, intricate, and astounding things.

This post really wasn’t meant to be a commercial for the show.  It was a set up to explain the video link that I’ve attached to this post.  It isn’t perfectly shot, but it is my “moment with nature” that I filmed last week when we were at the ocean. For those of you who don’t live by an ocean, it is a chance to imagine the sea salt, the feel of the wind on your face, and to hear the pulse of the waves.  It is my reminder to us all that there is more beauty than what we create, there is more peace available than what we’re accessing, and there is importance in designing for ourselves moments to stop, regroup, and refresh.

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