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Serene Saturdays #23

Good Saturday morning!  I hope that this day finds you in a peaceful state of mind and full of good health.

I am a little sore this morning.  Yesterday my kids and I trekked up a local “mountain” to get a breath of fresh air.  It was exhilirating and exhausting.  (I’ve written an article about it that I’ll post later this week.)  But my physical aches remind me of the cost and joy that is involved in an adventure.

Today I am thankful for:

* My great kids.

* Lovely fall days.

* Good conversations that shape and influence the future.

* The light on trees as their leaves begin to turn colors.

* The sound of rain/thunder – even when we’ve had enough rainy days.  The sounds never get old.

I pray a grand adventure for you this week.  One that makes you sore to remind you of your activity and growth, but doesn’t limit your ability to move with grace and elegance.

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