Serene Saturdays #24

The fall decorations are out in our house.  The effort of getting them up from the basement and coloring our house with them always makes my family smile. I think it is the reminder for them that colder temperatures are coming (we really like the winters in New England) and that the fall holidays are just around the corner.  I like to do it when my family is gone so that there is the surprise effect when the kids return.  Their presence warms our home with great colors that emote family, excitement, traditions, and great holidays.

Maybe it is just me, but this year especially seems to have flown by.  For us, 2011 began with the knowledge that this would be the year that our eldest would be going off to college.  And while we purposed to capture every memory and work to live in each moment, it still seemed to proceed at an unparalleled pace.  We find ourselves holding our breath until our daughter’s fall break from college, and then even more still the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.



This week I am thankful for…

* The mist that floats above the hills, ocean and rivers in my area.

* Anticipation of our family being together again.

* Apple picking trips

* Our first apple cider of the season

* Our last bell peppers, carrots and leeks from the garden.

I pray that this week you find something that makes your heart/home feel festive!

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