Serene Saturdays #25

As I think about this last week and all that we accomplished, what my mind is drawn to is the busyness and excitement of this coming week.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be filled with the joy of seeing a dear friend from Seattle.  When we all lived in the south, she blessed us by watching our little kids one day a week to give us a chance to be a couple without the pressure of being parents.  What a gift!

And then on Wednesday evening, our college daughter comes home for a long weekend visit!  Woohoo!  She is being driven home by two beautiful friends who recently moved to a Philadelphia suburb, and who are coming to Connecticut to view the fall leaves.  They, and their two small, lovely daughters, will be staying with us.

About the time that they return on Sunday evening, we will receive a good friend, and a few of his traveling buddies, from Kansas City who will stay with us until Tuesday.  They are coming to dream about how helping people and loving on people could look different if we collaborated together.  They’re doing some really progressive things in KC at the same time that we’re experimenting with some unique missional activities in our city.

This is when I wish that I had a personal chef, so that I could excitedly anticipate everyone’s arrivals, activities, and energy, without having to fret over what to feed them.  Even after 22 years of marriage, after growing exponentially in my culinary abilities and expanding my recipe options, I didn’t realize how much I still revert back to my insecurities when it comes to cooking.  Guess I’d better work on defeating those insecurities….maybe this is the week to practice!

This week I am thankful for:

* Leaves, leaves, leaves.

* Moments of quiet.

* Moments of chaos.

* The scent of candles

* Fresh grace every day

I hope that in this busy week of yours, you can find time to slow down and remember those things for which you are grateful!


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6 responses to “Serene Saturdays #25

  1. Rebecca

    I am grateful for you!

  2. Yannique

    Reading your blogs are so refreshing for me! Thank you for being such a blessing to me! Sincerely.

  3. Jen

    What a fun and busy weekend! We used to live in Connecticut. I especially miss it this time of year!

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