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Yale Golf – AGAIN!

I know…I’ve already written about my boys attending the First Tee program at Yale Golf.  I’m sure you’re already sick of seeing the picturesque surroundings of the golf course.  However, I’m not done using this as a platform for sharing the amazing, peaceful scenes that this setting is creating!

I’m not sure when I became such a nature person.  I was talking about this to my husband, because I wanted to see if he had noticed the shift in me.  At some point, being in nature became a have to instead of a want to.

I guess I’ve always enjoyed nature.  As a kid, I was as avid jogger as much for the surrounds and quiet as I was for the exercise.  I always found comfort and peace running through the aisles that the tall corn stalks created.  I loved the rustic, simple life that I saw around me as people earned their living off the land.

But I think that the necessity of getting outside and into a natural setting became all the more important when we moved to an urban setting.  The scarcity of nature made finding it all the more essential to my peace.  It is like coming up for air after holding your breath under water for way too long.  The towering trees, the exquisite variety of sounds created by birds/streams/bugs/wind relaxes and replenishes me.  I am a better, more patient and calm version of myself when I am immersed in things so very alive.

As the leaves change, the scenery just gets more and more spectacular.  However, it also is a signal to me that the boys’ time in the program is nearing its completion.  Their last lesson for this season is October 31st.

I am already coming up with reasons why  I just must take a trip across town to visit the course!

The following video is a little shaky because I was trying to stealthily walk towards these two deer.  It worked for a little while!

This might be the last post about Yale golf.  It might not.  We’ll just see what next week’s adventures hold!  Until then, find a place or an activity that replenishes you – and thoroughly breath.


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