Serene Saturdays #27

This morning’s Saturday post is a little later than usual because my husband and son hosted a neighborhood event that dominated our Saturday morning routine (which includes me getting away to write).

Almost a year ago, my younger son was moved to initiate a grassroots effort to transform neighborhoods by rallying people around one challenge a week. The challenges can be anything from writing a letter to thank the firemen in your area, to spending one afternoon during the week to pick up trash on your block.  The challenges are varied, and have been issued from him since December of last year.  He has members in three countries other than the US, and several states represented within the US.

The neighborhood event that we hosted this morning was to promote his website,, and to provide our neighbors another chance to gather together to build community.

A week or so ago, our son placed flyers on all of the doors on our street for 3 blocks inviting the residents to gather in front of our home where we would serve them breakfast.  We borrowed a huge griddle for pancakes, whipped up some scrambled eggs, had coffee, orange juice and donuts, and greeted our neighbors as they arrived.

Our son sharing his vision for Act 1 happened very relationally without a huge announcement, just shared person to person.  It was neat to steward his dream by gathering people together to hear his story.

If we look cold, we were!  When the date was set weeks ago, who knew that today would be the earliest snowstorm I’ve seen since living in the northeast.  Just minutes after we packed up, cleaned up, and said goodbye to everyone, it started to snow.

This week I am thankful for:

* My amazing neighbors

* My family working together to champion each others’ dreams

* Discovering new web pages that are inspiring

* The distraction of snow

* The house smelling like Apple Bread

I pray that you find a comforting, warm place to replenish this week!


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2 responses to “Serene Saturdays #27

  1. Debbie

    I wasn’t there to be blessed in person, but I was blessed to read your story.

  2. Jeff

    It looks like it was an amazing day. So sad to have missed out on the fun – Georgia and I volunteered at the conference Saturday and it was a wonderful experience. Tell Aaron that I am looking forward to hearing all about the breakfast gathering at our next meeting! Your writing is a blessing, Lori… thank you for sharing with us!

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