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Serene Saturdays #28

A freak fall snowstorm has thrown my little state into disarray.  The problem was that, because our ground is already saturated and tree roots are weak, and because there were still a full set of leaves on the trees, when the snow fell, an unbelievable amount of trees fell, and tree limbs were broken off.  That caused electrical lines to be severed, and therefore massive power outages – at its peak, over 850,000 households without power.  Even after a week, there are still over 200,000 homes without power.

When Topical Storm Irene hit in late August, my family was without power for 6 days.  While being off the grid for almost a week is devastating to life (refrig and freezer food ruined, the cost of having to eat out all meals because you can’t food prep in your home, no information coming into the home, freezing showers, laundry taken to a laundry mat, etc.), it isn’t the same as having your electricity off when the temps drop well below freezing.  This state has been consumed with the attempt to restore power, and supporting those without it.

Thankfully, our home didn’t even flicker.  The shoreline got much less snow than the rest of the state did (5″ versus 20″), but we’ve followed the news of those seeking refuge in shelters and schools that have been opened up to the public for shelter.

My Saturday posts are typically about the week’s wrap-up, and dedicated to gratitude for things that have passed or are coming.  This week has brought to mind so many items for which I am grateful that I can’t even count.  I am grateful for the big things (our heat remaining on, our health being great, having enough food, undisturbed water supply, our stove working so that we can prepare cheaper/healthier meals at home) and for the small things (a car’s heater that works, warm coats, lights on after dark, TV/computers working, being able to Skype with my college daughter, etc).

So, this week I am ALSO grateful for:

* A fun Halloween, and the celebration of our neighbors.

* Having our dearest friend, Eric, stay with us for a few days.

* Temperatures that warm up enough for us to believe that it really is still fall (and not winter yet).

* Good books.

* Such looming financial needs that only God can reach down and provide for.

I hope that you have a warm and electrically charged week!

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