About Me…

However you stumbled here, whether I shared this address with you, or whether you randomly found this site, I am honored to share moments with you!   In fact, I am humbled that you would spend time listening to the words that I have to share.  My greatest hope in crafting this website and blog is that I become more honest and self-aware, and that my thoughts facilitate others to do the same.  I hope that you can find some take-away that will help lighten your load, deepen your perspective, or cause peace and inspiration in your day. 

If you’re ok getting an email from this blog each time I post, hit the “subscribe” button, and an email will be delivered to your inbox.  If you only have time to read one article today, read the first one, entitled “A Writer?”   It tells the meaning behind why this blog is such a huge step for me, and why it is very important to becoming more of who I am.   

I am a rural girl, born and raised in Iowa and Nebraska, who just recently moved from New England, from the heart of an innercity, urban neighborhood.   It was from the pressure and honesty that this neighborhood created that amplified the walk of faith from which I draw so much inspiration and growth.  It is these things that were birthed and/or solidified in me that I carry with me to my new home in Dallas.

I have four amazing kids that I have the joy of homeschooling.  We are far, far from perfect – there are more moments of chaos than clarity, there is fussing about chores and siblings, there is always something upon which we could work – but they are beautiful, respectful, and talented young people.  Our eldest is in her second year of college.  Her college experiences have created a journey that has taught us all so much.

I also am an avid archiver, or scrapbooker.  Capturing memories is essential to my journey, and playing with textures, colors, and layouts is a creative outlet for me.   

 So, grab a tea or cup of coffee, quiet your spirit, and relax with me as we explore the walk of faith together, the joy/hard work of parenting, the art of scrapbooking, the delight in growing something organically or the specifics of homeschooling.

8 responses to “About Me…

  1. Your site is beautiful, truly it will be an inspirational blog. I enjoyed reading and learning more about you and your family. I look forward to sharing future post and growing with you as you take this leap with faith and into your creative self. May you be filled with rich possibilities and that you are blessed with great abundance!

  2. Janie McBride

    You make a proud mom more proud! Your words are gentle and full of love and truth. As I read, the tension began to leave my tight body. Thank you. (This has been a rough fibro week.) I’ll read it again and feel even better. I love you. Mom

  3. This site is so touching and precious!
    Getting to be part of the Christmas surprise was so much fun. Thank you for posting the story of receiving the DVD’s!
    Yes, treasure every moment as everyone is still home, but I can also give you great advice that seeing your children in the adult world and moving into God’s next step of this journey is transition and then delight!!! So many blessings are ahead!!!

    • Norma, I really needed your perspective of the delight in seeing my children in the adult world, and completely receive it. Thanks for the great, encouraging word. And as has been said, thank you eternally for your role in getting the DVDs to me. They are priceless.

  4. yannique

    Thank you for sharing your life with me. 🙂

  5. TeeYi

    What a wonderful new creative outlet for you! Even if we don’t chat every day or swing by each other’s home, it is still a joy to “hear” from you via your blog. =) I’ll check back often. Bless you, Lori!

  6. Geoff Hurte

    I’m trying to subscribe to your blog, my friend. I hope this is how to do it.

  7. Joy McKenzie

    When we were close you were always an inspiration to me. And the little bit I’ve read so far in the blog has already encouraged me to be a better mom. I thank the Lord for you and your willingness to be an open book!
    Joy McKenzie 🙂

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