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The Journey Continues

Well, its official – – – we are moving.  We are leaving the northeast and making a new home in Texas.  And while I am tempted to say that we are moving back to Texas, that phrase really doesn’t express what we’re doing. Yes, we’re returning to the city from which we moved 7 years ago.  BUT, we are moving as completely different people than when we last moved.  It would sell short the impact that the city of New Haven and her people have had on us if we simply looked at this move as a return to where we’ve come from.

My family has been so transformed by this place.  Our worldview has shifted. Our vision has broadened.  Our definitions of community and family are changed.  Our love has grown richer. Our spiritual roots have grown deeper.

The city of Dallas has some huge shoes to fill.

I can’t say that, as of yet, I am excited about this development.  Who leaves a very successful business?  Who leaves a life-giving, authentic church family? Who leaves dozens of amazing people, and a handful of really great friends?

But the case to move was made solidly, and we are being received into a loving group of people – both familiar relationships and new ones.

When our lives are lived by the numbers, we have 5 years until all 4 of our children are either in college or have completed college.  When the job offer was presented and we were talking through the aspects of this decision, one of the points was that we want to end well our active parenting years.  We want to be intentionally present in their lives and their discipleship.  Where we’re at now, my husband is having to keep several plates spinning just to make sure that our most basic needs are met.  He is consulting for several organizations, is running his own business and non-profit organization.  One of our kids recently said that they don’t even remember a time when their dad wasn’t either stressed or tired. As hard as we tried, we couldn’t get the numbers to work out to make enough money and do fewer things.

So the process has begun.  I’m sure you’ll hear more about our thoughts as boxes get packed and details are hashed out.  In the meantime, pray for us, and pray for those that remain in New Haven that will be impacted by our departure…


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